Important Dates for Election Year 2016
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Important Dates for Election Year 2016

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Voter Registration Application
Voter Registration PackageUPDATED
Contains: Affidavit of Registration, and Affidavit Questionnaire.
Absentee Ballot Application
Absentee Ballot ApplicationAbsentee Ballot form is not available
Application for Absentee Voting: Absence from the Commonwealth.
Affidavit for NMI Descent
NMI Descent Affidavit of Registration
NMI Chamorro and Carolinian descent
Voter's Pamphlet
Candidate's Pamphlet
Information on requirements and election process for candidates
Voter's Pamphlet
Voter's Pamphlet
Information on Registration and Absentee Voting Procedures for CNMI Elections
Important Dates
Important DatesUPDATED
Important dates for voters and candidates


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Policy on Use of Social Security Number

Section 7(b) of the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 522a) requires that when any federal, state, or local government agency requests an individual to disclose his or her social security account number, that individual must also be advised whether that disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority the number is solicited, and what use will be made of it.

Accordingly, each registrant to vote is advised that disclosure of his or her social security account number (SSAN) is required (mandatory) as a condition for registering to vote in commonwealth elections in view of the practical administrative difficulties which the Commonwealth Election Commission would encounter in maintaining adequate voter registration records without the continued use of the SSAN.

The SSAN will be used to verify the identity of the registrant and is used to determine duplicate voter registration, or the lack thereof, and for identification of the registrant at the polling places on the day of the election.

Authority for requiring the disclosure of a registrant's SSAN is grounded in Section 6205 (c) (2) of the Northern Mariana Islands Election Law (Pub. L. 12-18, as amended) which provides that a registrant registering to vote in commonwealth elections shall complete an affidavit that shall contain the registrant's social security number. The Commonwealth Election Commission has, for several years, consistently required the disclosure of SSAN numbers on the Affidavit of Registration form and other necessary Commission documents.