Absentee Ballot Application Submission Instruction

The following is the instruction on how to submit your Absentee Ballot application to the Commonwealth Election Commission. 

1) After downloading the form, please fill it out and save it to your computer. This form is a fillable form. All you need is a PDF reader such as the FREE Adobe Reader.

2) Please check to make sure your information is correct and accurate.

3) Print your form out and sign it. 

4) Re-digitize the form by scanning it or by using any other method just as long as the information on the form is legible.

5) Go to the CEC website and click on the "Contact Us" link at the top menu of the website. 

6) Type your full name in the "FROM" box.

7) Type your email address in the "Email" box.

8) Select "CEC Administration" in the "TO" box. The Subject box will be automatically populated for you.

9) If you have a message to inform CEC about, please type it in the "Message" box. This is, however, OPTIONAL and can be left blank.

10) The "Attach a file?" field will automatically select "Yes" as the option. 

11) Click on the "Browse" button in the "Select your file" field. Find your filled-out Absentee Ballot application on your computer.

12) Type the text in the in the white box in the "AntiSPAM" field. This is mandatory and shouldn't be left blank before you submit your form. The system will not allow you to submit your application unless you type in the text (alpha and numeric characters). 

13) Click on the "Send Message" button. 

14) If there's an error in your form, the system will prompt you to correct it, otherwise you will see a success message. 


If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please send a message to the website administrator by going to the "Contact Us" link on the website and selecting "Webmaster" in the "TO" box, or give us a call at  (670)235-VOTE (8683), 664-8682, 235-8680, Fax: 664-8689

About CEC

There is established within the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Government an independent election commission, known as the Commonwealth Election Commission. Pursuant to 1 CMC §6102 and §6103, the Commission shall consist of nine (9) members appointed by the Governor subject to the advice and consent of the Senate. Five (5) of those members shall be residents of Saipan and the islands north of Saipan, two (2) members shall be residents of Rota and two (2) members shall be residents of the islands of Tinian and Aguiguan. Each member shall serve a term of four (4) years. No person may be appointed a commission member who is not a registered voter of the Commonwealth. The Commission’s function is to ensure a fair, honest, orderly and impartial election process. Its responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the recruitment of registrars, precinct officials, election workers and other administrative staff necessities.

 The-Commission The-Commission-Staff





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