Important Dates for Election Year 2016 Haven't registered to vote? Download the voter registration package
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Important Dates for Election Year 2016

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Haven't registered to vote? Download the voter registration package

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Voter Registration Application
Voter Registration PackageUPDATED 7/25
Contains: Affidavit of Registration, and Affidavit Questionnaire.
Absentee Ballot Application
Absentee Ballot Application
Application for Absentee Voting: Absence from the Commonwealth.
Affidavit for NMI Descent
NMI Descent Affidavit of Registration
NMI Chamorro and Carolinian descent
Voter's Pamphlet
Candidate's Pamphlet
Information on requirements and election process for candidates
Voter's Pamphlet
Voter's Pamphlet
Information on Registration and Absentee Voting Procedures for CNMI Elections
Important Dates
Important DatesUPDATED
Important dates for voters and candidates


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Federal Law Restrictions on Foreign National Contributors

A section of the Federal Election Law provides that foreign nationals are prohibited from making campaign contributions to any federal, state and local office candidates.

A reading of the law, which applies to the Northern Mariana Islands, defines foreign nationals as anyone who is not a United States citizen or who is not a United States permanent resident.

This law applies to the 2003 (and maybe including the 2001) general election(s). This may mean that candidates who received campaign contributions from foreign nationals (including nonresident workers) in the 2003 (and probably the 2001) general election(s) would have to return the contributions and amend their campaign statement of account with the Public Auditor to reflect the reimbursement(s).

The Election Commission has sought a more concise interpretation of this law from the Attorney General's Office and will make that interpretation public once it is received.

Candidates should be informed, however, that this is a federal law and it is the United States Attorney who would be responsible for its enforcement. The Commission, Office of the Public Auditor and the Attorney General are duty bound to report any and all violation(s) of this federal law to the United States Attorney for the Districts of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands for his disposition and/or enforcement.

For further information, please call the Public Auditor's Office at 322-6481, the Attorney General's Office at 664-2341 or the Election Commission at 664-VOTE.