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2012 Financial Statements

Candidate Financial Report
Ada, Marylou pdfDownload1.39 MB
Agulto, Antonio R. pdfDownload265.2 KB
Aquino, Daniel I. pdfDownload4.26 MB
Apatang, Alexander A. pdfDownload570.39 KB
Atalig, Eric pdfDownload6.99 MB
Barcinas, Gardener pdfDownload3.25 MB
Basa, Ramon pdfDownload2.61 MB
Benavente, Roman pdfDownload3.92 MB
Benavente, Anthony pdfDownload4.68 MB
Bermudes, Illuminanda pdfDownload3.74 MB
Borja, Antonio SN. pdfDownload3.3 MB
Borja, Joaquin H. pdfDownload4.38 MB
Cabrera, Eliceo pdfDownload3.21 MB
Cabrera, Estevan pdfDownload4.07 MB
Cabrera, Ignacio pdfDownload2.13 MB
Cabrera, Vicente pdfDownload4.73 MB
Camacho, George N. pdfDownload4.10 MB
Camacho, Ramon B. pdfDownload656.48 KB
Castro, Jesus M pdfDownload3.35 MB
Cepeda, Victorino pdfDownload4.03 MB
Cing, Reynaldo pdfDownload4.17 MB
Conner, Trenton B. pdfDownload571.54 KB
Covenant Party pdfDownload658.07 KB
Crisostimo, Luis pdfDownload4.44 MB
Cruz, Joseph SN. pdfDownload4.52 MB
Dela Cruz, Francisco pdfDownload3.53 MB
Dela Cruz, Ramon pdfDownload3.96 MB
Demapan, Ignacia pdfDownload5.43 MB
Demapan, Ralph pdfDownload7.96 MB
Diaz, Eric pdfDownload4.3 MB
DL. Guerrero, Frederick pdfDownload682.55 KB
DL. Guerrero, Joseph P. pdfDownload523.29 KB
DL. Guerrero, Lorenzo I. pdfDownload287.96 KB
Fajardo, Mariano pdfDownload3.14 MB
Hocog, Angel pdfDownload641.42 KB
Hocog, Victor pdfDownload9.03 MB
Hofschneider, Liana S. pdfDownload1.6 MB
Iguel, Sylvestre pdfDownload4.29 MB
King, Denise pdfDownload4.6 MB
Leon Guerrero, Christopher D. pdfDownload2.97 MB
Limes, Jose pdfDownload5.49 MB
Lizama, Raymond B. pdfDownload4.21 MB
Manglona, Paul A. pdfDownload513.28 KB
Manglona, Prudencio pdfDownload672.31 KB
Maratita, David pdfDownload3.91 MB
Maratita, Glenn pdfDownload1.96 MB
Maratita, Janet pdfDownload3.76 MB
Ogomuro, Felicidad pdfDownload1.45 MB
Palacios, Joseph pdfDownload3.9 MB
Quitugua, Daniel pdfDownload4.28 MB
Republican Party of the CNMI pdfDownload599.52 KB
Reyes, Juan S. pdfDownload1.93 MB
Rios, Roy pdfDownload3.81 MB
Sablan, Antonio pdfDownload3.92 MB
Sablan, Gregorio Kilili pdfDownload21.8 MB
Sablan, John Paul pdfDownload7.82 MB
Sablan, Martin pdfDownload4.81 MB
Santos, Felix M. pdfDownload536.29 KB
Santos, Teresita pdfDownload9.37 MB
Saures, Jose pdfDownload6.89 MB
Seman, Richard pdfDownload5.15 MB
Taitano, Mariano pdfDownload4.45 MB
Taylor, Jessica pdfDownload3.74 MB
Tebuteb, Ramon pdfDownload3.37 MB
Tenorio, Janice pdfDownload5.47 MB
Teregeyo, Ana pdfDownload6.74 MB
Torres, Brian pdfDownload6.25 MB
Torres, Stanley pdfDownload3.91 MB
Villagomez, Edmund pdfDownload7.7 MB
Villagomez, Eugenio pdfDownload4.26 MB
Wabol, Jesus pdfDownload1.5 MB
Yumul, Ralph pdfDownload8.98 MB
Yumul, Ray pdfDownload3.54 MB