Important Dates for Election Year 2016 Haven't registered to vote? Download the voter registration package
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Important Dates for Election Year 2016

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Haven't registered to vote? Download the voter registration package

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Voter Registration Application
Voter Registration PackageUPDATED 7/25
Contains: Affidavit of Registration, and Affidavit Questionnaire.
Absentee Ballot Application
Absentee Ballot Application
Application for Absentee Voting: Absence from the Commonwealth.
Affidavit for NMI Descent
NMI Descent Affidavit of Registration
NMI Chamorro and Carolinian descent
Voter's Pamphlet
Candidate's Pamphlet
Information on requirements and election process for candidates
Voter's Pamphlet
Voter's Pamphlet
Information on Registration and Absentee Voting Procedures for CNMI Elections
Important Dates
Important DatesUPDATED
Important dates for voters and candidates


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CEC News and Updates

Absentee Ballot Application

The Absentee Ballot Application is now available for download. Last day to submit your absentee ballot is October 14, 2016. Please click here if you want to find out how to submit your absentee ballot application online.  

Political Activities on Government Time and Property

The CNMI Office of the Public Auditor (OPA) has received numerous complaints about potential violations of CNMI law regarding political activities undertaken by CNMI government employees, on government time and premises, using government resources. We ask you to remind your employees of the absolute prohibition under CNMI law barring any government public officials or public employees from using government time, money or resources for political activity.

New Office Hours

Our office will be open every Saturday from 8am-4pm for voter registration until Friday, September 9, 2016 which is the last day to register.

Voter Registration Package Update

The Voter Registration Package has been updated. The only change is on page 2 (Insructions for Completing the Affidavit of Registration). Please download the updated version here.

Candidate's Pamphlet

The Candidate's Pamphlet download is now closed.

The Commonwealth Election Commission has released the Candidate's Pamphlet to interested indivicuals who are seeking public office. The Pamphlet includes all the necessary forms and election process information and requirements needed to register to run for public office. If you have any questions, please contact us at the link above or call our office.

Important Dates for the 2016 General Election

The Election Commission has released the schedule of information leading to the General Election this coming November. To make sure that you don't miss any of these important information, please see the schedule here