To maintain a historical archive of past elections data, below are the election results for elections as far back as 2003. These are the final and certified results. The files can be viewed online or downloaded for offline viewing. All files are in PDF format. A free copy of PDF reader can be downloaded from here.

2012 CNMI Election  View online
2010 CNMI Delegate Election Results  View online
2010 Legislative Initiatives  View online
2010 CNMI Delegate House Campaign Financial Report  View online
2010 Special Election Results (Northern Islands Mayoral Election)  View online
2009 General Election Run-Off Results  View online
2009 General Election Results  View online
2008 Election Results  View online pdfDownload (92KB)
2007 Election Results  View online pdfDownload (151KB)
2005 Election Results  View online pdfDownload (153KB)
2003 Election Results  View online pdfDownload (147KB) escort

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